How Diapers Coupons Can Help You!

We all know how hard it can be to raise kids in addition to keeping you household budget under control. Any form of savings can dramatically increase your household budget efficiencies.

Households spend an estimated $1,000 on diapers per year per child. So if you have 3 kids that can be over $3,000 on diapers alone. That’s incredible! So the question we must ask ourselves is…how do we save on the cost? We’ll the answer is quite simple. Pay for your expenses using coupons and don’t pay full retail price. People who pay retail price for their kids stuff are really missing out.

diaper coupons

Where Can I Find Coupons?

Well, of course you will be able to find diaper coupons on this site, but there are many other ways of discovering diaper coupons. One obvious way is to use Google to find coupons for the specific type of brands you use. For example, if your favorite brand of diapers are Pampers then you will simply type the keywords “Pampers Coupons” in the google search box. Another method is to visit each diaper company site to see if they offer special deals on their diapers. You can can visit the following sites:

  • Pampers.com
  • Luvsdiapers.com
  • Huggies.com
  • Drypers
  • NatureBumz.com
  • GoodNites.com
  • Pull-Ups.com
  • Moltex.de

Coupons for Diapers

From time to time these companies will post coupons on their sites in order to help their customer save on their products. Don’t be the only one that doesn’t take advantage of these savings!

What Brands of Coupons Do You Offer?

Although we try to find coupons for all types of diaper brands we are current concentrating on the following brands:

Thanks for visiting and we look forward to bring you great discounts.


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Diaper Coupons- December 2012

All of the latest Huggies Diaper coupons and Pamper Diaper coupons for December 2012 will be released over the next few days. Stay tuned and save money with diaper coupons during the holiday season.

In the mean time, since many people out there use both disposable and cloth diapers and since we know the best cloth diapers we thought we’d share our knowledge as buying cloth diapers can be expensive and when ordering online can be a challenge. There are now a million online retailers selling cloth diapers, not to mention every baby store you can think of now carries them. There are hundreds of brands, some similar, some different, some with snaps, some with velcro and the list goes on…

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with all of the options, all of the styles and trying to figure out if the more expensive ones are even worth it! We’ve done A LOT of research, testing (by real parent on real babies) and have come to our own conclusions on which cloth diapers are the best.

We should also mention that MANY of the brands being made out there come from one of three factories in China, all near each other, and all that produce cloth diapers. I recommend being cautious if you are wanting to buy local US or Canadian made as many of these are still made in China (at yes, one of the three above mentioned factories) and only a small portion of the cloth diaper is local. That said, there are locally made cloth diapers so if that is your interest than you will be able to find them.

Since we found about 90% of the cloth diapers came from the same few locations, there was still a very significant variation in the quality that was out there. In addition, to testing cloth diapers from local stores (some US made/ some made in China) we also reviewed what Amazon had and Ebay. We found that Ebay definitely had some of the best quality and value, but it was by no means easy and without knowing what to buy you could waste a lot of money on poorly made or low quality cloth diapers.

We have no affiliation to the below mentioned suppliers of cloth diapers and the quality and  performance is based solely on our testing. We hope that this makes the purchase of cloth diapers easier for those who are looking to spend their hard earned money on cloth diapers.

1) Organic Bamboo Cloth diapers-Ebay seller: home_joys

The organic bamboo cloth diapers were first appealing due to the delicacy of the organic bamboo on our babies bottoms. Turns out these ended up being our number 1 choice for cloth diapers due to the quality, leakage protection, fit and cost.  These diapers range from about $3.95-5.95 each depending on how many you order, so they are very reasonable. You won’t even have to find a diaper coupon for cloth diapers as comparable ones that we found at baby retailers were in the range of $15 each!

What we like best about these is that the organic bamboo is very soft and there was no irritation, strange smells from the fabric or any of the typical concerns we had when buying them. These inner are real fibers and not synthetics, so naturally they are extremely absorbent  that it doesn’t serve it’s purpose. These ones have snaps that have lasted and are not like velcro that wears poorly and older children can undo easier over time. The seller will sell bundles of 5, 10, or 20 diapers as well as 5-40 liners. Depending on whether you are on a strict cloth diaper regime or a casual user, will determine how many cloth diapers to buy. We recommend buying at least 15, but 20-25 if you don’t want to be burdened by laundry every day.

2) Amazon.com- FunniBunz


Diaper Coupons 2013



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Diaper coupons and Sleep Training

There are a few things that us parents know all too well. Lack of sleep and spending a lot of money on diapers. Our good friends have developed a sleep method using a combination of many of the best aspects of a few of the more traditional methods

of sleep training and turned into a proven way to have your baby sleeping through the night in under 5 days! Skeptical? We are to. Thankfully, we have a few staff working for us who were more than anxious to try this out. One family had a 5 and a half month old and one with a 7 month old. The test is going to be put in place beginning this weekend and we look forward to the update to see how things went. No promises, but we have heard great things from people who have used this sleep training method and if the results from our writers is good, look forward to more information on this new improved sleep training method that is guaranteed to have you baby sleeping through the night in 5 DAYS!

Now back to the most important item- Diaper Coupons!

Babies r us current has diaper coupons for 20%-40% off all diaper bags! What better time that now to buy a new diaper bag. Looking for a gift for someone with a new baby? Parents always appreciate a diaper bag as a gift.

Babies r us also has diaper coupons for Diaper Genie II elite. (The best way to deal with stinky diapers :).

Diaper coupons 2013

Thyme Maternity has a diaper coupon that can save you $15 off any purchase of $100.
Diaper coupons 2013


Looking for other types of diaper coupons? We have all the latest Pampers Diaper Coupons, Huggies Diaper Coupons and natural and chemical free diapers from Seventh Generation. If you are looking for a diaper coupon, we have it at diapercouponshub.com



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Diaper Coupons

It looks like Target has some great diaper coupons available. This one is an online promo code that can be used online at Target.com. What better way to save some money on diapers leading up to the holiday season. I’m not sure how long this will l

ast but check back often for all of the diaper coupons and promo codes for diaper coupons at Target and other retailers.

diaper coupons 2013


All the newest and latest diaper coupons at diapercouponshub.com.

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